Many famous artists have been playing my instruments for many years and are enthusiastic about their quality. They are played in countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand and the USA.

Internationally renowned soloists, professional musicians in orchestras and chamber ensembles, professors, students as well as ambitious amateur musicians (whose notable listing would go too far) own an instrument made by me.
Frans Helmerson, David Geringas, Alexander Baillie, Alban Gerhardt, Mischa Maisky, Johannes Degen as well as Gerhard Schulz (Alban Berg Quartett) and Marc Johnson (Vermeer quartet) and many other musicians have personally confirmed the high tonal quality of the instruments.

Here a short extract of contented customers:

Jens Peter Maintz has owned the model Montagnana “Pergamenschikow” since the beginning of 2006. On the 9th February he played a solo recital in the Nuremberg Meistersinger’s hall on the 4 month “young” cello, but in the program it stated he was playing his “Italian” instrument. In the following critique of the “NN” on 11th February 2006:“….Maintz allows himself no breathing space, takes many risks, pushes his Ruggeri of 1696 beyond normal limits, and nevertheless, never loses control. A sensational luxururious sound which was received by the fascinated audience with rapturous applause”.

„It is a pleasure to own the miraculous Schnabl/Montagnana and perform on it. Congratulations to the creator“