Many famous artists have been playing my instruments for many years and are enthusiastic about their quality. They are played in countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand and the USA.
Internationally renowned soloists, professional musicians in orchestras and chamber ensembles, professors, and students as well as ambitious amateur musicians (whose notable listing would go too far) own an instrument made by me.
Frans Helmerson, David Geringas, Alexander Baillie, Alban Gerhardt, Mischa Maisky, Johannes Degen and many other musicians have personally confirmed the high tonal quality of the instruments.

Jens Peter Maintz

"It is a pleasure to own the miraculous Schnabl/Montagnana and perform on it. Congratulations to the creator"

Jens Peter Maintz has owned the model Montagnana “Pergamenschikow” since the beginning of 2006. On the 9th February he played a solo recital in the Nuremberg Meistersinger’s hall on the 4 month “young” cello, but in the program it stated he was playing his “Italian” instrument. In the following critique of the “NN” on 11th February 2006:

"...Maintz allows himself no breathing space, takes many risks, pushes his Ruggeri of 1696 beyond normal limits, and nevertheless, never loses control. A sensational luxururious sound which was received by the fascinated audience with rapturous applause".

Another concert criticism from the „Westfaelischer Anzeiger“, dated from the 28.11.2006:

„The climax of the evening was the performance of the Kodaly sonata for solo cello. Maintz explored the full sonorities of his cello (built 1696) whilst including brilliant displays of double stops, flageolet and pizzicato. The full and penetrating tone of the cello enhanced the perfect technique of one of the leading cellists of his generation.“

The cello shown above is my new model Montagnana 'Grande', it was developed in collaboration with JP Maintz.

Since October 2010, he plays it on a regular basis, the cello from 2006 is now in the possession of his former pupil Nadja Reich.

Amit Peled

Amit Peled plays this cello since May 2010:

"It is my delight to write about Wolfgang Schnabl's fantastic work and the beautiful cello that he made for me in 2010. The cello is Schnabl's Opus136 or the way I like to call it - "MontagSchnabl". It is a magnificent example of his mastery!
I love performing with it, and even though I have a beautiful A. Guarnerius cello, I find myself using mostly my "MontagSchnabl" on stage.
I salute Wolfgang for making such an instrument and encourage cellists around the world to try out his cellos."

Cellistically yours,
Amit Peled

Raphael Wallfisch

"For Wolfgang, with best wishes and admiration for a beautiful Cello"

Raphael Wallfisch, London. I have known Raphael since 1994, when he was a tone juror at the cello making competition in Manchester. Out of 56 submitted cellos he liked mine best, which received 5th place in the final ranking. Some months later he purchased the instrument, and since that time has owned several of my cellos. One is now played by his son Simon. Since the summer of 2016 he owns the cello, model Grancino 'Schucan', depicted here.

Marcio Botelho

"From the first time I played it, with the varnish not quite dry, this instrument had great power and showed a depth and variety of color usually associated with much older instruments. In the past year, I have been constantly amazed at this cello's evolution: how it reveals more and greater possibilities every time I play it. Every day I spend with my Schnabl cello is a joy; when I hear the sound of it, and when I admire Wolfgang's exquisite craftsmanship and artistry, I know this is the last cello I will ever need to own."

Marcio Botelho
Principal Cellist,
"The President's Own"
United States Marine Chamber Orchestra

Marcio Botelho and Charlie Powers, with their cellos purchased in February and June of 2010, while both were members of the the US Marine Chamber Orchestra at the White House, in Washington, DC, USA.

Boris Pergamenschikow

The late Boris Pergamenschikow owned a copy from 1999 until his death in April 2004 of his Italian cello from D. Montagnana, Venice, which I built at his request. Amongst other performances, Boris Pergamenschikow played this cello with great success in a performance of the Dvorak concerto Op.104 on 13.05.99 in Jena. He then lent the instrument to his pupil Sebastian Klinger, who subsequently won a cello competition and recorded his 1st CD. Sebastian Klinger played all concerts during this time on the cello. After the death of Boris Pergamenschikow the instrument remained at his explicit wish in the possession of the family, and was lent by his widow Tanya to the Kronberg “Pergamenschikow foundation”. It was subsequently made available to Danjulo Ishizaka who plays it now in alternating with the Stradivari cello “Emanuel Feuermann” (1730).

Natalia Gutman

"Dear Wolfgang! With best wishes and enthusiasm for your talent"

Natalia Gutman has been in possession of a 5-string cello, which I built upon her request, since 1997. I exhibited this instrument at the Kronberg cello festival in autumn this year. David Geringas played the cello during the exhibiton.